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Best pancake recipe, ever

crisp and puffy pancakes recipe

Pancakes just say weekend to me. Maple syrup, maybe lemon and sugar, creamy yoghurt and blueberries if I want to be set for the day.  This is my favourite recipe saved from the pages of the NZ Listener May 28 1988. Through 13 moves I’ve hung on to this page, ripped out of a tv guide from, what seems, another lifetime ago. That it still sits close at hand on a kitchen shelf is a mark of the high esteem in which I hold this recipe…or an indication of the kind of hoarder I might be. Maybe both but I do reckon the pancakes are pretty good!
soft and puffy pancakes recipe
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I like how the scrap of paper has the patina of use and age so I’ve included scans of all the parts – the page was too big to scan in one go. Tried to capture something of its quality as an object. Only partly successful but better than just a transcription of the text.

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