Loft (mach 2) things that soar, things that float – twice the speed of sound

Where is a memory? 1.1

Loch Sport New Years Eve from Bettina Frankham on Vimeo.

An experimental start to a project using mobile phone video to explore the re-working of memory material. Thinking about all the fragments and moments that we collect on the cameras we tend to take with us everywhere. Thinking about ideas of the extended mind and where it is that our memories are to be found. Are they still in us, are our phones the keepers, is there potential for memory to be extracted in artistic, maybe poetic processing that makes the subjective quality of those memories apparent?

Also noodling with soundtrack possibilities. Thought a waltz kind of thing might work, like the fragmented tentative beginning I’ve posted on Soundcloud. Although today I listened to some Donnacha Costello (Together is the new alone) and that style of thing felt like it could work too. I’m keen to use some of the original sound from the recordings to, to rework them in a Matthew Herbert kind of fashion. No doubt it will continue to evolve.


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