Loft (mach 2) things that soar, things that float – twice the speed of sound

How many ways to say you?

thoughts take shape in words,
fragments of understanding,

In 2005 I travelled through Cambodia.  In the early morning and late afternoon, when the weather was a little cooler, my partner and I would go for walks around the towns that we stayed in.  With a few scraps of Khmer I would attempt conversation and gather video of encounters with people and places.  In spite of barriers of language, culture and history a snapshot of human connection emerged. Always in the background were echoes from the recent history of the Khmer Rouge in the form of mine fields, killing fields and efforts at rebuilding from Year Zero. This video project grew out of the travel and the language and the way the place and people got into my heart. I’ve called it a poetic meditation. It uses the multiple ways to say you in Khmer as a way to to contemplate how we come to know each other – through thinking, remembering, understanding and speaking.

I was lucky enough to get Greg Fitzgerald to offer to do a beautiful sound mix (5.1 – so lush!) at Big Bang Sound Design (thanks Wayne Pashley and Libby Villa!) and now I can declare it truly finished.
The video had its premiere screening at the Sightlines Conference. Now shopping it around to festivals to see if it can get a run. Also thinking about reworking the material for a multi-screen/projection installation.

Still from the opening animation sequence of "How many ways to say you?"
Still image from "How many ways to say you? Nieung - an address to a young girl
Still from "How many ways to say you?" Loak yiey - to a woman of your grandparents generation
Still from "How many ways to say you? Aing - friendly address to an equal or younger person

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