Loft (mach 2) things that soar, things that float – twice the speed of sound


Bettina Frankham is an artist with an experimental practice in moving image and sound digital media.  She has a particular interest in creating intersectional works that cross into territories of documentary, art and poetry.  Her projects have screened at international media arts festivals including Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival, Stuttgart Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media, Berlin Asia-Pacific Film Festival, the Artivist Film Festival California and Flickerfest International Short Film Festival Australia.

As a practice based researcher Bettina is exploring the role of aesthetic experience in knowledge creation and is developing an open, poetic approach to media projects that address issues of social concern.  With a focus on the everyday details of life, her work searches out points of connection across cultural difference.

Bettina has recently submitted her PhD thesis, titled A poetic approach to documentary:  discomfort of form, rhetorical strategies and aesthetic experience.  She teaches digital media arts and production in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Technology, Sydney Australia.

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