Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Have to start somewhere I guess. Part of my problem is sorting out what I want to do with the project so maybe I should start with what I know I want to do.
I want to make some short films that deal with people's memories of different places. The films would be grouped around particular places, whether that is a particular country e.g. Brazil, a particular location, e.g. Central Australia or a more specific place like a gaol. Not sure if I'll do anything about less tangible places like social place, emotional place, etc. So perhaps the starting point should be to come up with some kind of working definition of place. Homework for the next blog!
Objects or mementoes from places will play an important role in the whole conjuring process. I imagine that they will act as some kind of stepping off point for going into the remembered place. So it's about quite subjective experiences of remembered places rather than hard evidence or physical documenting of places. Rather than going to the actual place to gather images and sounds it will be about creating a representation of that place through objects, photos, music and verbal recollections.
I'd like to work with some animation/motion graphics so that the project takes an illustrative approach to representing the place. I think that will also help to put it firmly in the realm of the remembered.
I'd also like to take a collaborative approach to the process so that the storytellers have an influence over how their stories are illustrated.
I'd like to create something that is beautiful and with which people will connect. That's something that really interests me - how do people connect with other's stories of places or things they may never have experienced?


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